Recent updates (after a year of hiatus)

Hello again…!

Maybe some of you waiting to read my newest post since last year.

I am terribly sorry for that. 

From the last year, I was busy doing (and re-doing) my research as my final task to complete my Bachelor study in Chemistry and also doing a lot of part-time jobs to get extra money to fulfill my tuition fee and all related expenses. And I have to tell you, it was really tiring.

Remember my last post (Research. Research? Research!) about my (first) research topic? Well, things didn’t run well at that time. Actually, I had finished the research. I had been studying, conducting research, writing all the gathered results and also presenting it to some of the lecturers. But unfortunately, it would never be published as my final paper nor a scientific research. I can’t tell you in detail what was happened to my first research, but in general I was disappointed to what my previous research adviser had done to me, both personally and professionally. By that reason, I was struggling to call off my first research, and start a new one.

One of the biggest challenge I have to face was to change my research theme from Biochemistry to Inorganic chemistry. It was unexpected, because when I was in my first year, I have dreamed that I will do a cancer research for my final task. So I was taking almost all the class related to Biochemistry, and never took a class in Inorganic Chemistry, except compulsory classes.

However, I was fortunate to have such a supportive advisers and research group members for my second research. Our research group is called “Solid Inorganic Framework Research Group”, or could be abbreviated as SIF-RG. They help me a lot to understand more about zeolite, bentonite and other things related to Inorganic Chemistry. Here is the best pictures of SIF-RG members at that time, when we went together at a scientific conference in ITB Bandung.

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Courtesy of Aidah Fitriah

Eventually, on August 2013, I was graduated from Chemistry Department – Universitas Indonesia and finally held a Bachelor of Science degree (or in Indonesian term, Sarjana Sains). Here is some pictures of on the graduation day.

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So that’s what I was doing in the past one year.

Many things don’t run well, and many hard decisions and improvisations were made.

But I believe that no such thing as coincidence in this world, because God controls the whole story, the very best one for us. When a difficult time comes, all we have to do is giving our best effort and never surrender. Do you agree with me?


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  1. Arin, so proud of you! Even when you fall so down you actually managed to rise again :)

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